SAIA York Statement on Ali Mustafa



It was with great sadness and a deep sense of loss to learn that activist and freelance journalist Ali Mustafa was killed along with seven others by a regime airstrike in Aleppo, Syria.

Ali joined SAIA York as a young student soon after it was formed in 2008. He was highly inquisitive and motivated, sweet and selfless, bringing a much-needed refreshing enthusiasm to Palestine solidarity activism at York University.

He co-founded the YU Free Press, and then worked tirelessly to become a freelance journalist, covering some of the most intractable events in the Middle East.

As time went on, Ali grew deeply affected by what he saw, bitter and disillusioned by the world’s inaction. “Syrian people feel abandoned by the world,” he often lamented. And so he dedicated the rest of his days to telling the story of the Syrian people and their struggle against the Assad regime, sacrificing his life for justice and compassion.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family, and we mourn the loss of those who perished with him in this latest affront to humanity.

We shall never forget you!