Past recipients of the Ali Mustafa Memorial Award

March 2017

Iskodaywatomi: Fire People

Allen Agostino

Allen will be embedding with a number of different First Nations fire halls to document the dire state of First Nations fire services in Canada. He sees the lack of government support for Aboriginal fire services as emblematic of Canada’s continuing neglect of these communities.

“Canada’s treatment of Aboriginal communities feels like a dark secret that the federal government isn’t willing to expose because it runs contrary to how we identify ourselves as a nation that welcomes and accepts all cultures,” he says.

March 2016

Towards the Unknown:
Refugee Journeys through Syria, Greece and Germany

Tanya Bindra

Tanya’s photojournalism project documents processes of identity formation among Syrian refugees and asylum-seekers in Germany and Greece. Her work seeks to capture the ambiguities and contradictions of these communities’ lived experiences.

“It is important for me that my work reflects the lived reality of struggle and hardship that many face when coming to a new country but that it also celebrates the resilience and resistance of immigrant communities,” Tanya says. “There is so much beauty in diasporic cultures, and in some ways, I see this as a constructive way to respond to sometimes devastating realities.”

Coverage of Tanya Bindra’s exhibit, organized by the Ali Mustafa Memorial Collective: